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Deep Dive Coaching and Mentoring for Extraordinary Results and Purpose in Life




The Intense Five - Session Reprogramming + Mentoring Program 

Understand, where you stand in life and break-through  in one specific area, where you feel stagnated and want to upgrade your life.

This Program is designed for you to get a concrete result, where you never believed in reaching it.

This can be the transformation of your career, your financial situation, your relationship, your personal growth, your self value, your health and wellbeing, your wealth or your spirituality. 

Be ready for a deep structural change as we are working on your believes, habits and understanding of your true self. 


Steps, we will go:


1) defining the results you want to see within this process  for your measurable change.

2) if recommenced: setting you up for an Ayurvedic detox to create the space within, which you need for your change. Your change towards your success and dreams.

3) going deep into your believe system to decode all destructive dynamics in your mind and reconnect to your true being by working with your powerful subconscious mind.

4) in the Mentoring process you will build up the precise steps to transform your life towards your wishes.  

We will create: 

  • the mindset you need to reach your goals

  • a healthy lifestyle that serves your physical high-performance state 

  • a connection to your deeper spirit that you can deeply enjoy your path. 

5) Defining concrete Values, Habits and Rituals to make your success sustainable and expandable.  


For whom is this program:  you are a successful Entrepreneur,  looking to increase your capacity of a  fulfilled life or feelings overwhelmed in an specific area of your life.


Confidence, self-worth, money blocks, procrastination, anxiety, public speaking, addiction, depression, fights with Co Founder,…these are just a handful the areas that can be completely transformed.


The 6 Month Realisation Program to discover the deeper meaning of your Life.

Do You  want to be one of the 1 %, who can enjoy from your heart what you have achieved. You have experienced already success and you know about your potential. Now you want to adjust your life to a meaningful, true potential with inner joy, wisdom and a deep sense of connection. This inner transformation will shift your life to a new dimension.  

The approach is working on your inner human levels and will establish your Being State in a natural way.  You will open the doors to your intuition, your inner mastery, your connection to your higher source and the big wisdom technology within your heart. 


As an result you can realise your true potential and feeling of unity within and with others.  Can you imagine,  what quality-shift this will bring to your life and the lives of the people around you. 


Naturally your impact and influence on others will grow, as your radiating trust, connection and inner joy. You will be a magnet for others. By establishing a remarkable mind-soul connection, you  will manifest extraordinary success with a fulfilled heart.  And this makes this program outstanding. 


It is a brave decision as you are going very deep and far with the help of the ancient Yogi technics and wisdom technology. 


6 Month bi-weekly Sessions of deep Dive and Exploration of Purpose and True Being  by activating your Holistic Human Technology.  

A Mind Blowing, Heart- and Soul Opening Experience. 

"According the ancient scriptures

  • 95% people on the planet, don’t know what they really want. 

  • 3% know what they want but they can’t achieve it.

  • 1% know what the want and how to achieve it but they can’t enjoy it. They start asking,  what is the purpose. 

  • Only 1% can also enjoy what they have achieved. "

Dr. Pankaj Naram

BE the one, who enjoys Life!


The 12 Month  Life Mastery Program to be in the deeper meaning of your Life.

You have realized, how precise your life is and your know the meaning of your life.

To stay in a constant state of growth and contribution, this program supports you to blossom on your heart and soul level and learn how  true service and contribution can expand the fulfillment of your life. 

You will explore the deep understanding and the practical transfer of you being in service to mankind wherever you are right now. 

New Studies show that the highest and most stable happiness we experience if we fulfill ourselves by giving. Giving acts of kindness and service are the art of being human and open the deep layers of our true potential. 

12 Month bi-weekly Sessions of transformation and inner work and practical application to bring yourself  to a natural state of fulfillment. 

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.”

Gautama Buddha

BE and Give Joy, Bliss and Happiness!


By eradicating blocking factors on body and mind level and reconnecting to your spirit, your life can blossom in its actual potential.  You will change the root causes of stagnation by winning a deeper understanding of yourself and will make sure that you establish a drive of growth, Fulfillment and success in you. 



What we understand we can change! You will dive deep in your consciousness and reprogram your inner world toward your goals. The focus is always to free your truth and your deeper potential. 

Ancient wisdom and hacks will support you to bring your body and mind in a powerful state of energy, focus and balance. The more you are aligned the more you can enjoy the process and results.





To reach a deeper understanding of your true being and to open oyur true potential you will discover the beauty of your spirit. this will bring you in a whole new league of human potential. 




"To live is the most rarest thing on earth. Most people exist, that is all."      Oskar Wilde


I strongly believe in learning from the best...


"The session was an amazing experience. Normally, I have a lot of worries which are distracting me. But at the end of the session, I really felt completely safe. And through listening to the session recording again and again, I can also experience this feeling in the day to day life more often."

@Florian, 29, Programmer

"Dear world, I did 2 sessions under the guidance of amazing Pooja Lankers. This was very deep and true practice. In my opinion, it substitutes years of Psycho Therapy and has great healing and growth potential. It is a cleaning, detoxifying practice for the mind. Great possibility to let go of old traumas and a great tool to become closer to your true self."

@Gala, 33, Entrepreneur Berlin

"The sessions with Pooja Lankers turned out to be a truly unique experience for me. They helped me to discover, face and then dissolve deep conflicts and blockages in a rather easy and clear and also mild manner. The method is astonishing and wonderfully liberating and Pooja Lankers is an amazingly skillful, empathic and inspiring therapist."

@Petra, 46,  Entrepreneur, Berlin




Happiness Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach/ Mentor, Lifestyle Pro, Author and I looooove People - especially my wonderful daughter.

“Supporting People and Teams to experience true transformation and freedom is my passion and profession. You will realise a signficant growth of  Inspiration, Innovation, Productivity and Happy Teams in your life!"

I have always been fascinated by transformation processes that allow coming together in success and unity.. No matter whether it is about the body or inner feelings or connections or specific results.. This passion has made me a discoverer of transformation and for years I am fortunate to learn from great mentors such as Marisa Peer, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Suyogi Gessner, Pankaj Naram and my beloved spiritual mentor Hariprasad Swami.  I imbibed their great methods and healing wisdom in my transformational work.  As a medical practitioner for Ayurvedic medicine, an RTT/Hypno- /Psychotherapist and John Maxwell Coach i have been working internationally with clients for years and as a Happiness Entrepreneur i love to spread the inner Journey of  Happiness all over the World. 


  • Transformational Coach and Mentor

  • Entrepreneur

  • Community Expert

  • Medical Ayurvedic Healer

  • RTT Therapist trained by Marisa Peer

  • Gestalttherapist 

  • Coach and speaker trained by John Maxwell

  • Master of Business

  • passionate Mother

Engagement - Transform your Culture and create exponential leaders - The Happiness company: Online Education, Challenges and Supplements - Clinic for Ayurvedic Healing - Platform for wellbeing, wellfeeling and wellaging



book launch 2023 - Expect Miracles: a workbook  to enjoy your Happiness Journey

VIAMIE: Folge deinem Herzen - aber wie?

Sein Berlin: Ayurvedisches Detoxen 

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Transform your life...

We are looking forward to answer all your questions or if you want to book your free 15 min coaching call please contact us .

All sessions can be live in Berlin or online.


Pooja Lankers

phone  +49 33203 78464

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